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रविवार, 26 सितंबर 2021

100% Trusted Top 5 URL Shortener Website

Top 5 URL Shortener Website and this is 100% Trusted

Today I have brought 5 Best & 100% Trusted URL Shortener for you Ajeet Kumar Chaurasiya from which I myself have earned more than $5000. These five URL Shorteners are running in the market since last many years. And I myself have worked in these, so I can say with the claim that this website is a very Genuine website that I am going to tell you about.

Top 5 Best and 100% URL Shortener Website In India/word

1. URLShortx : Click Here

2. ShrinkeMe.io : Click Here

3. Rocklinks.net : Click Here

4. SmallShorts.in : Click Here

5. ILoveURL : Click Here

1. URLShortx Review

First of all our website is URLShortx. This website is very good and 100% Trusted. In this website you get $ 5 in India and USA for 1000 clicks. And refer earning you get 20%. In this website, you get the option to make payment every 7 days, which means that you can make payment in 1 week.

URLShortx : Click Here

Payment Info :

Withdraw MethodMinimum Withdrawal Amount
PayPal$5.000 or 375rs.
Skrill$10.000 or 750rs.
Perfect Money$10.000 or 750rs.
Bkash$10.000 or 750rs.
Indian Bank Transfer$3.000 or 225rs.
Paytm$3.000 or 225rs.
Google Pay (For indians only)$3.000 or 225rs.
PhonePe$3.000 or 225rs.
UPI$3.000 or 225rs.
Easypaisa$10.000 or 750rs.
Jazz Cash$10.000 or 750rs.
Pkr ( bank transfer )$10.000 or 750rs.
Bangladesh bank transfer$10.000 or 750rs.
Esewa$10.000 or 750rs.
Amazon eGift Card$3.000 or 225rs.
Google Play Gift Card$3.000 or 225rs.

ShrinkMe.io Review

Our another website is Shrinkemeo.io, this website is also true good and 100% Trusted. In this website you get $ 3.50 in India for 1000 ckicks. In this also you get 20% referral earning. And the best thing about this website is that you get daily payment in this website. And its minimum payout is only $5. You can withdraw your payment as soon as it is $5.

Payment Info :

Withdraw MethodMinimum Withdrawal Amount
PayPal$5.00 or 375rs.
Payeer$5.00 or 375rs.
Airtm$5.00 or 375rs.
WebMoneyZ$5.00 or 375rs.
Perfect Money (USD)$5.00 or 375rs.
PhonePe$5.00 or 375rs.
Paytm$5.00 or 375rs.
UPI$5.00 or 375rs.
USDT (TRC20) – 1 USDT Fee$10.00 or 750rs
Litecoin (0.03 LTC Fee)$20.00 or 1500rs.
Bank Transfer$20.00 or 1500rs.

3. Rocklinks.net Review

After that our next website is RockLinks.net. This website is also very strong and in this you get 3.5$ for 1000 clicks, in this you do not get any captcha. refer earning you get 10%. In this, you can take your payment transfer through Paytm as soon as you get $3. But in this website you get payment between 21st to 25th of every month.

Payment Info :

Withdraw MethodMinimum Withdrawal Amount
Paytm$3.00000 or 225rs.
UPI$3.00000 or 225rs.
PhonePe$3.00000 or 225rs.
Google Pay$3.00000 or 225rs.
Bank Transfer (India)$10.00000 or 750rs.
PayPal (Fee 5%)$10.00000 or 750rs.
Bitcoin (Fee 5%)$10.00000 or 750rs.
Perfect Money (Fee 5%)$15.00000 or 1125rs.
Payeer (Fee 5%)$15.00000 or 1125rs.
4. SmallShort.in Review

Our next captcha is Smallshort.in. In this captcha, you have been kept a CPM rate of $2.4 for 1000 clicks for all countries. There is no captcha in this captcha. And in this you get the referral earning. In this, you can receive your money in Paytm if you have $2. And on the 21st of every month, this captcha gives you money.

Payment Info :

Withdraw MethodMinimum Withdrawal Amount
PayPal$5.000 or 375rs.
PAYTM WALLET$2.000 or 150rs.
Phone Pay$3.000 or 225rs.
Google pay$3.000 or 225rs.
UPI$3.000 or 225rs.
Bank Transfer$10.000 or 750rs.
AMAZON PAY GIFT CARD$5.000 or 375rs.

5. ILoveURL.com Review

Our next captcha is Iloveurl.com This captcha is very nice website in this you get CPM rate of $1 and it has only 1 page. There is no captcha either. In this you get referral commission. And the best thing about this website is that you get paid if you have $1 in it and get daily payment.

Payment Info :

Withdraw MethodMinimum Withdrawal Amount
PayPal$2.000 or 150rs.
PAYTM WALLET$1.000 or 75rs.
Phone Pay$3.000 or 225rs.
Google pay$3.000 or 225rs.
UPI$3.000 or 225rs.
Bank Transfer$10.000 or 750rs. 
AMAZON PAY GIFT CARD$5.000 or 375rs.


So this was our 5 websites in which you can earn up to $ 500+ per month by working. This website is very good and 100% real website, I myself have earned up to $ 500 dollars per month by working in them and still earning. I would like to inform you that you must see and working in them, you will get a lot of benefit from this website. Thank you.

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