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बेहट नकुड़ सहारनपुर नगर सहारनपुर देवबंद रामपुर मनिहारन गंगोह कैराना थानाभवन शामली बुढ़ाना चरथावल पुरकाजी मुजफ्फरनगर खतौली मीरापुर नजीबाबाद नगीना बढ़ापुर धामपुर नहटौर बिजनौर चांदपुर नूरपुर कांठ ठाकुरद्वारा मुरादाबाद ग्रामीण कुंदरकी मुरादाबाद नगर बिलारी चंदौसी असमोली संभल स्वार चमरौआ बिलासपुर रामपुर मिलक धनौरा नौगावां सादात

बुधवार, 15 सितंबर 2021

Alive is Afghanistan's Lady Governor Salima Mazari; Taliban has not been imprisoned, America came out of the mouth of death

Governor Salima Mazari, the brave lady of Afghanistan, who took up arms to combat the Taliban, is still alive and has left Afghanistan. It is being told that she is currently living in an unknown place in America. Earlier there was news that he had been taken over by the Taliban. But 'The Time' has confirmed that Mazari is still alive and in the US. Journalists helped her in getting her out of Afghanistan, due to which she was able to dodge the Taliban.

'The Time' has made this claim on the basis of reports by Afghan journalist Zakarya and another Canadian journalist Robin. According to 'The Time', Zakarya was still in Afghanistan, but he moved to Paris during the evacuation operation. However, he was in contact with Salima during the ongoing bloody conflict between the Taliban and the Afghan government. With their help, Salima was able to escape from Afghanistan safely.

Salima Mazari of Afghanistan was the female governor of Charkint district of Balkh province, who fought the Taliban by making her own army. However, after the Taliban occupation of Kabul, there were reports that he was imprisoned by terrorist groups. But The Time has now confirmed that he is neither in Taliban captivity nor has he died. He is currently in America. Afghan-born Salima Majri was born in Iran as a refugee in 1980 when her family fled the Soviet war. He did his education in Iran only. After graduating from Tehran University, he held various roles at universities and the International Migration Organization before deciding to leave his parents and move to the country (Afghanistan) decades ago.

Salima Mazari was in the office of the provincial governor, Mohammad Farhad Azimi, when the news of the Taliban's capture of Balkh broke out. Then he got phone calls from the fighters and leaders of his district Charkint. He asked his fighters to surrender. He said that continuing the fight now would be against the interest of our people. She then followed the suggestions of Mohamed Farhad Azimi and then left with her husband and guards towards Heratan on the border with Uzbekistan. Several high-profile leaders including former Vice President and Sardar Abdul Rashid Dostum and former Balkh governor and Mujahideen commander Atta Mohammed Noor joined him.

However, upon reaching Heratan they were not allowed to cross towards Uzbekistan. Some leaders, including Azimi, Noor, and Abdul Rashid Dostum, were allowed to enter Uzbekistan, but Salima was not. Being on the Taliban hit list, Mazari wore a burqa and took shelter in a relative's house. After hiding there for two days, she decided to go to Kabul but she was well acquainted with the Taliban posts. But she took the risk and left for Kabul with her husband and relatives.

He told The Time that fortunately we were not identified by any Taliban fighters. He let us go easily. It was the first day of the conquest of Kabul and the Taliban were celebrating that day. But Mazari was a high-profile personality and could not even go to Kabul airport in public. The question in his mind was who to trust and whom not to. In this way, he spent some time living from house to house to avoid the eyes of the Taliban. During this time he sent his documents to friends who had relations with foreign governments, including America, Britain, Germany and the Netherlands.

Among those to whom Salima sent the documents was journalist Zakarya, who had reached Paris by airlift last week. She was safe when Zakarya contacted her and Mazari told her that she was in hiding. Zakarya passes this information to Robin and says that he is in Kabul. Robin's partner and Canadian photojournalist Matt Rickel then contacted anyone who could help Salima.

Mazari was always afraid that the Taliban might kill him at some point. But he waited. During this, Zakarya was in constant touch with them and assured their evacuation. But at the last moment, he was afraid of Pakistan's interference. On 23 August, he received a message from an Afghan number, which claimed that he was from the US Rescue Operation Cell. Such was Salima hiding amidst fear and anxiety, and finally on 25 September she was able to get out of Afghanistan by boarding a US evacuation plane.

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