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बेहट नकुड़ सहारनपुर नगर सहारनपुर देवबंद रामपुर मनिहारन गंगोह कैराना थानाभवन शामली बुढ़ाना चरथावल पुरकाजी मुजफ्फरनगर खतौली मीरापुर नजीबाबाद नगीना बढ़ापुर धामपुर नहटौर बिजनौर चांदपुर नूरपुर कांठ ठाकुरद्वारा मुरादाबाद ग्रामीण कुंदरकी मुरादाबाद नगर बिलारी चंदौसी असमोली संभल स्वार चमरौआ बिलासपुर रामपुर मिलक धनौरा नौगावां सादात

गुरुवार, 30 सितंबर 2021

Bombs and guns went between the prisoners in the jail

At least 100 people were killed and 52 injured in a riot in one of Ecuador's most notorious prisons. It was the latest in a string of deadly clashes in the country's overpopulated and under-staffed prison. At least 100 people were killed and 52 others injured in a prison riot in the Ecuadorian coastal city of Guayaquil on Wednesday. This is the latest incident of deadly clashes in the country's jails. The army has cordoned off the prison complex. Ecuadorian prisons are overcrowded and this is the latest of a series of clashes over overcrowding. At least six people were also beheaded in this clash.
Gangwar officials in the prison say clashes broke out on Tuesday between armed prisoners belonging to two opposition gangs Los Lobos and Los Chaneros. During the clash, people from both the groups used guns, knives and explosives. Bolivar Garjon, head of the national organization for legal aid to prisoners, SNAI, said he could not immediately comment on the official death toll. Local news agency Noti Mando was quoted as saying by the Garzon: "I think the death toll is about to reach 100, I can't give any official figures" although the National Prosecutor's Office later tweeted that more than 100 people were killed and 52 were injured. Television footage showed prisoners firing shots and throwing bombs from prison windows. Police chief Fabian Bustos said, "Thankfully the police (entered the prison) stopped more killings," adding that police were also attacked with guns.

Bustos told reporters that police and military operations captured the prison five hours later. He said that many weapons have also been recovered. Declaration of Emergency Ecuador's prison system is very bad. They have become a battlefield because of the conflict. Clashes between inmates of drug trafficking gangs are common in prisons. So far this year, more than 120 inmates have been killed in prison clashes. Prison officials say a drone attack on prison number 4 in Guayaquil earlier this month stemmed from fighting between international groups.

No one was killed in the attack. In addition, in February there were riots in three prisons, including Guayaquil, in which at least 79 prisoners were killed. Many of them were beheaded. In the wake of clashes and riots in the country's prisons, President Guillermo Lasso ordered a state of emergency in the prison system in July. There are about 60 prisons in Ecuador with a capacity of 29,000 inmates, but the number of prisoners far exceeds the prison staff. AA/VK (AFP, AP).

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