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बुधवार, 27 अक्तूबर 2021

Rapid vaccination continues, yet Corona is taking record lives; Europe's worst

In European countries, like last time, the corona epidemic is spreading rapidly in this winter too. This is the situation when, unlike the previous cold, this time the shield of anti-corona vaccines is available. According to the WHO, the continent of Europe is the only part of the earth where new cases are increasing. For the third consecutive week, an increase in the number of new corona patients has been registered.

However, cases are increasing more rapidly in Eastern Europe and Russia than in Western Europe. The main reason for this is the difference in vaccination coverage. Vaccination levels are high in Western Europe, so the number of newly infected and hospitalized Covid patients is low. But cases have increased in both the parts. Oxford University's Special Dr. Peter Drobak has given four reasons for the increase in corona cases in Europe - easing of covid restrictions due to the start of economic activities, delt variants, People should stay indoors during winter season.

Infection increased due to hesitation in getting vaccinated:

According to the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), hesitation to vaccinate is the main reason for increasing infections in Eastern Europe and Russia. In many countries in Eastern Europe, vaccination rates were recorded at only 24 per cent. Due to this, these countries are facing increasing cases of death. The special thing is that there is no shortage of vaccines in European countries, they have all the vaccines approved by the EU.

Havoc in Eastern Europe including Latvia-Romania:

The spread of infection has been banned in many countries of Eastern Europe, including Romania and Latvia. Latvia is the first country in Eastern Europe to impose a lockdown due to increasing infections. Here only 56 per cent of adults have received both doses of the vaccine, compared to 74.6% in Europe. Romania has once again imposed a night curfew and made health passes mandatory. Romania has recorded 19.25 deaths per million people, the highest in the world. Only 35.6% of people in Romania have been vaccinated. Similarly, in Bulgaria, people have to take to the streets against the increase in new cases. Ukraine, Europe's second largest country, has recorded the most new cases of corona for the first time during the epidemic. Here on Thursday, the number of new cases per day reached 22415. After this the President of Ukraine had to say that there are two ways, vaccination or lockdown.

Cases increased in Western Europe including Britain-Germany:

Cases of corona infection have increased throughout Western Europe including Germany-UK. In Western Europe, most corona cases are being recorded in Britain and an increase in the death of Kovid patients has been recorded. Therefore, there has been a demand to reimpose restrictions in Britain so that the lockdown can be avoided. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged people over the age of 50 and those engaged in high-risk jobs to get a booster vaccine. Infections in Germany have broken the record for the last five months. In Germany, 100 new cases of corona were registered per one lakh people, which is the highest since May. Belgium and Ireland are also included in the countries most affected by Corona. According to the ECDC, 325.76 infected people have been found in Belgium per 10,000 people, while in Ireland this figure is 432.84 percent. Belgium's Health Minister Frank Vanderbrook has also admitted that his country is facing a fourth wave of corona.

10-day lockdown in Moscow:

Russia is facing a very bad situation in terms of corona infection. A 10-day lockdown has been announced in Moscow since last Monday. The daily cases of corona have broken records many times in the country. The high rate of death from Corona in Russia is not taking the name of decreasing. On Wednesday, 1028 people died from Corona here.

Vaccine is not a panacea:

UK health expert Dr. Drobak said that the vaccine is not a panacea to protect against corona. However, he admitted that the vaccine is definitely proving to be a game changer. In view of the new variant AY.4.2 of Corona after Delta, Drobak said – UK's strategy is to leave everything to vaccination, but I do not believe so.

United States of America includes Ukraine among countries most at risk

Seeing the increasing cases of corona, the US has included Ukraine in the list of countries most at risk for travel. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has moved Ukraine from Level-3 to Level-4 countries. If the number of new infections per 100,000 people in a country is 500 or more during the last 28 days, then the CDC includes that country in the Level-4 list. At present there are 77 countries in this list which include Austria, Bahamas, Botswana, Croatia, Greece, Ireland, Jamaica, Maldives, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey etc.

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