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शुक्रवार, 24 सितंबर 2021

Seven Years, Seven Journeys: From Madison to Howdy Modi, When India's 'Cheer-Cheer' All Around The Indian PM's Visit

Narendra Modi is on his seventh US visit as the Prime Minister of India. His visit to the US in the seventh year of his term assumes significance as it will be his first meeting with newly elected President Joe Biden. Modi's relations with former US President Donald Trump and Barack Obama remained warm. Because of which his travels attracted the attention of media not only in India-USA but around the world. From 2014's Madison Square to 2019's Howdy Modi event, there was a lot of discussion. Let us know for what reasons Modi's earlier visits made headlines.

2014: Won the hearts of migrants in Madison

Modi made his first US visit in September after being elected prime minister in May 2014. Then his speech in Hindi at Madison Square Garden, chock-full of Indian-Americans, was in the news. His program was so much talked about that it was then called "Modison Garden". In his first visit, Modi's joint statement with the then President Barack Obama was also released. defense, intelligence, Apart from terrorism, the two countries committed to work together in the field of Afghanistan, space exploration and science. Not only this, the two leaders also jointly wrote an editorial in the prestigious Washington Post newspaper, in which it was said that we should go together to make a better world.

2015: Meeting with the heads of tech companies

Narendra Modi went to America exactly a year later in September 2015 to address the United Nations General Assembly. Here he traveled to Silicon Valley, the home of Indian techno-entrepreneurs and innovators. During this time he visited the campuses of Google, Facebook and Tesla Motors. His townhall held at Facebook headquarters with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was very much discussed. Apart from this, also addressed a program of 45 thousand American-Indians.

2016: Visited America twice, addressed the Parliament session

In March 2016, Narendra Modi went to Washington to attend a two-day Nuclear Security Summit which was attended by leaders of 50 countries. Then in June this year, he again went to America where he addressed the United House of the US Parliament. He became the fifth Prime Minister of India to receive this honour.

2017: First meeting with Trump

In June this year, Modi reached America to meet the new US President Trump. Vegetarian and yoga seeker Modi's rapport with Trump, a non-vegetarian and golf enthusiast, was better than expected. It is said that Modi's Twitter diplomacy worked in coordination with Trump. Trump hosted Prime Minister Modi for a 'working dinner' at the White House for the first time since becoming the President. During the same visit of Modi, Hizbul Mujahideen chief Syed Salahuddin, who carried out terrorist activities in Kashmir, was designated as a global terrorist by the US State Department. It was also announced that the US has approved the sale of 22 Guardian unmanned aerial vehicles to India.

2019: Howdy Modi said in the quote - everything will be healed

In September of 2019, Modi went to the US to address the United Nations General Assembly. Then it was time for the presidential election campaign in America. Like every American visit, this time a big event was organized to meet Modi's immigrants, Howdy Modi. While addressing in this, he told the migrants that everything is fine in India. During this event, Modi along with Trump also toured the entire stadium together.

2021: Meeting Biden, focus on Quad

This is Narendra Modi's first US visit during the Corona period in which he will participate in a bilateral meeting with newly elected President Joe Biden. Modi, who managed to strike an emotional bond with the NRIs, met Vice President Kamala Harris, whose mother is from Tamil Nadu, here. Modi is also to address the Quad Summit and the United Nations General Assembly here. This meeting is going to take place at a time when America, Britain have recently signed an Ouss Agreement with Australia.

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