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बेहट नकुड़ सहारनपुर नगर सहारनपुर देवबंद रामपुर मनिहारन गंगोह कैराना थानाभवन शामली बुढ़ाना चरथावल पुरकाजी मुजफ्फरनगर खतौली मीरापुर नजीबाबाद नगीना बढ़ापुर धामपुर नहटौर बिजनौर चांदपुर नूरपुर कांठ ठाकुरद्वारा मुरादाबाद ग्रामीण कुंदरकी मुरादाबाद नगर बिलारी चंदौसी असमोली संभल स्वार चमरौआ बिलासपुर रामपुर मिलक धनौरा नौगावां सादात

सोमवार, 27 सितंबर 2021

Trying to create caste equation through young faces, know what CM Yogi accomplished through third cabinet expansion

After a long wait, the third cabinet expansion of the state government was finally done four months before the assembly elections. The BJP government and organization engaged in efforts to return to power, have not only tried to create caste equation through the nomination of seven ministers and four MLCs in the new cabinet, but have given preference to the youth, women as well as the faces of their own party. Is.

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An attempt has been made to include representation of more or less every sector in the cabinet. At the same time, in the year 2019, an attempt has been made to send a message by taking the faces of your party in the cabinet as compared to the deceit of SubhaSP or rather allies, that for the party its own organization and MLAs are paramount. At the same time, it has also been given a clear message that in Mission-2022, the party will once again try to cross the same equation through non-Yadav-non-Jatav OBCs and Dalits, as it did in the year 2017 and 2019.

Try to take all castes together

Three of the faces in the cabinet are OBCs. There are two scheduled castes and one scheduled tribe. At the same time, Jitin Prasad has joined the cabinet as a Brahmin face. Significantly, the party stuck to its non-Yadav-non-Jatav equation. Along with OBC, we have tried to give a message to the Dalit castes as well. The inclusion of Dr. Sangeeta Bind from Ghazipur is, in fact, an attempt to spoil the equation of the separated ally SubhaSP in Purvanchal.

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Om Prakash Rajbhar was giving special preference to the leaders of the Bind caste in Purvanchal in his party. On the other hand, Paltu Ram from Balrampur in Awadh region and Dinesh Khatik from Hastinapur in Meerut have been made ministers of state in order to moderate the pace of BSP's equation. The party wants to hit two targets with one arrow through this. In the west, it is trying to stop the pace of Chandrashekhar's Azad Party, and from Devipatan in Awadh to Ayodhya-Ambedkarnagar, it is trying to send a message to the Dalits belonging to the BSP. On the other hand, Chhatrapal Singh Gangwar of Baheri has been included in view of the removal of Santosh Gangwar, who was the Union Minister from Bareilly. Through them, an attempt has been made to send a message in Rulehkhand that the importance of Kurmi community of OBC class also remains intact for the party.

Prefer your own young faces

Out of the seven ministers inducted by the party, except one Chhatrapal Singh Gangwar, the average age of the remaining six ministers is 49 years. Not only this, the party has given importance to such faces which reached the assembly for the first time. Among these, mainly Dr. Sangeeta Balwant, Sanjay Gaur, Paltu Ram and Dinesh Khatik reached the assembly for the first time. The age of these four is between 43 to 49 years, that is, on an average 45 years. He received the award for loyalty to the party and the organization.

Young educated women also joined

Dr. Sangeeta Balwant, who is included in the cabinet in the midst of heated politics regarding Nishad society, is such a face who is not only women and youth in the cabinet but also from the educated section of Nishad society. She was not only associated with politics from student life but also has an advocacy profession. By including them, the party has tried to inspire the educated people in the Nishad society by giving them the message of coming forward.

Representation of each area

The party has tried to give representation to all the regions of the state in the cabinet while inducting new ministers. An attempt has been made to strike a regional balance by giving representation to the new ministers from Balrampur to Meerut, Agra and Bareilly and Purvanchal.

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